The Cohen Law Office

The Cohen Law Office, P.C. is a NYC based Tax Certiorari Law Firm (i.e. NYC based Tax Appeal Law firm) focused primarily on Commercial Real Estate Tax Reduction matters within the five boroughs of New York City as well as the surrounding Counties.
We represent a wide variety of commercial property challenging New York property tax assessments for owners in administrative and/or judicial proceedings.

Our clients include Co-op & Condo apartment buildings, hotels, commercial, industrial and retail properties. Our service provides clients seeking to appeal their New York property tax assessment, with the depth of a tax certiorari boutique, supported by aggressive and competent attorney representation. Our fee on all New York Property Tax Reduction matters are strictly contingent upon obtaining property tax reductions.

If an assessment is excessive, we can assist owner's in reducing their property taxes by protesting via the tax commission, and if necessary, commencing judicial review proceedings in Supreme Court in an effort to lower the real estate tax assessment.


Practice Areas

  • NYC Tax Certiorari
  • NYS Tax Certiorari
  • Real Estate Tax Litigation
  • Property Tax Overassessments